Get a values of cells in excel following a particular pattern

Hi experts, please how do I get the values of the cell having POS and KIM from the column image

Hi @RPA-botDev

Add Read Range Activity to read the excel file. Save the output in ExcelDT variable of type: DataTable
Add For Each Row Activity
Add if Activity. Set the condition like this: row(“SpotNumber”).ToString.Substring(0,3)=“KIM” or row(“SpotNumber”).ToString.Substring(0,3)=“POS”
In the Then path set nothing. In the Else path set Delete Data Row.

At the end you will have the DataTable with only the rows you are searching for.

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Hi @RPA-botDev ,

You can follow below steps:

1 - Read escel file and store it’s output in Data table as “dtInput”
2 - Use filter data table activity as shown below.


Hi Dawod, in the then section I would like to move the corresponding row values obtained close to another matching row like this example row 3 to row1 and row 4 to row2