Get a cell from excel using another cell as a reference

Ok, so i have this situation , i have a datatable and i want to use a x word, make it find that same word in the column 0 and after it finds it, i want my output to be the the value of the cell in the column 1 corresponding to the same row as the word found in column 1

Hi @Christopher_Gomez

Well the easiest way to get the value in Col1 based on a value in Col2 is to filter the table using
dt2 ="Column0='x_word'").copyToDataTable

and then you will have your value in the first line of the new dt2.

here is a xaml file to ease up your life, enjoy :slight_smile:

Main.xaml (7.7 KB)


Hope it helps,

Yes thats what i need the only problem is that when i try to make it variable it sends me that the source does not contain data rows

you’re trying to assign dt2(0)(1).tostring to a variable and it doesn’t work?

I’m trying to make the input variable, instead of putting the ‘text1’ in the assign im trying to make that a variable