How to get specific cell value from excel with value form another cell


first of all, this is a great community from which I got a lot of help in the past.
I’m still not good with Excel though, so here is a question I have.

I have an Excel sheet with 2 columns. I have the string value of one cell from column A in my clipboard (extracted from SAP) (f.e. A5)
How do I get the value from the cell in the same row in column B (B5) as a string value?

Appreciate all the help.


Hey @ntd

Agree…!! and on Behalf of them Thanks :slight_smile:

Let me know more about it. are you using citrix? and you wants to copy both data at the same time on the clipboard?



Hi Aksh,

no Citrix, just a normal Windows RDP session.
No, in the end I only need data from column B which is an email address, to put it as a receiver into an Outlook mail.


Hey @ntd

So what is problem you are facing? what you have done so far?

you can simply use “Read cell” Activity to get the column value.

For your Reference:


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Seems like I cannot really express myself, sorry.
In your example it works, because you know that is cell B5. But where I am right now, that cell is unknown.
Here is what I have.
The Excel sheet I am talking about looks like this:

What I get from my SAP with a Get Text activity is the name in Column A.
This is a string value now in uipath.
So how do I get the mailadress as a string value when uipath has only the stringvalue Smith as a variable? I need something to connect the name to the correct cell with the mailaddress.


I found this post, which seems to be exactly my topic, but I don’t know how to put that into my sequence:

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks a lot

You have to first take tall data into the datatable. so use read range activity and it will return output as a datatable.
Fire method to filter the datatable records.

This link will be helpful for you :slight_smile:



Hi Aksh,

thank you for your support! I’m using UiPath since friday and I have almost no developing skills. :slight_smile:
Also this article helped me a lot in my task:

Thanks again and have a good week!



Hi Aksh,

In continuation with the same example , i am using Select function to get the data row but in my expression:

  1. arrDataRow = Dttable.Select(“[ColB] = ‘Anna’”) : When using hard-corded value 2, i get my desired outpur which is array of data row but when i am trying to replace it with variable, it is not yielding the output.

My new query is : arrDataRow = Dttable.Select(“[ColB] =”+strName)

I tried using many other formats (“[ColB] = ‘+strName’”) but was not successful. Could you please check the syntax, what is wrong.


arrDataRow = Dttable.Select(“[ColB] ='”+strName+“'”)

Thanks for your help Aksh. It worked.

Hi, it worked fine for me.



By any chance do you have the xaml or code for the same.I also have the similar requirement to get the corresponding value of column 2 based on the value of column 1 got from a web page.


Hi @aksh1yadav …I have 2 excel and they both have date column in them…if the date matches then i need to write the rows from first sheet to the second…Currently I have first sheet as data row as i had to filter…I am reading range from Second sheet and storing as datatable…Can you please help?

Use a for each of the first datatable, get the row item of the date column and store it as a variable. Do the same for the other datatable and then perform your if condition