Generic Predict Error Machine Learning Based Extractor

I’ve created a Forms AI Model to extract the data from a document type. It works fine for a type and doesn’t for another. The Forms AI Model endpoints are called in the ML Based Extractors.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s correct that you have called forms AI endpoints in the ML extractor.

What do you mean that it works for one and not the other? Do you have two forms AI endpoints?

Also one endpoint can only be called once.

I have 2 extractor under 1 project. The KYX Extractor runs smoothly while the other one encounters this issue

but each of the extractor have different endpoints will that still be an issue

The http error you reported suggests that there’s no communication in the API and endpoint. Hence can you add the second forms AI in a different project and test it out? It could be a result because both endpoints are in the same project.

tried it and the problem still occurs

Are you still getting the same error?

I replicated your issue with two machine learning extractors using different Forms AI endpoints created in the same project and its working for me.

This could be an access issue too. Do check if you have proper licensing and access. check AI robot status as an AI robot can only run two ML skills at a time.

okay sure thank you for the help

You’re welcome. Let me know if you’re getting any more errors and their error codes.

just to make sure again are you having the community license or the enterprise license?

I tested this on my community license.

If this error comes from your enterprise license, there could be a license allocation issue.