Generate yearly report - assignment 2


am doing Generate yearly report till dispatcher, when i run the main file am getting output like Process finished due to no more transaction data but still orchestrator queue is in empty. i dono to proceed with this please help me where i did mistake. for ref i attach the workflow. (513.6 KB)

What is the name of the queue you have mentioned in the Orchestrator ?

Hi @naveen19

Does you process end without extracting any data from work Items?

I couldn’t able to find any dispatcher in your process in your workflow you performed only login and navigating to work items even that to twice (one below kill process and the other after if condition) you can remove login and navigation inside then of if activity. if you run the main as you mentioned

there won’t be any transaction items.

yes. its simply opening the ACME and navigating to work items and getting close

dispatcher is name of the process which we reading the items and updating in to queue right?
and in process transaction have added all those like on element appear and add queue item , still am not clear of what your calling as dispatcher. please explain me .

Please share your dispatcher. And also mention the queue name you ha e mentioned in Orchestrator. So that we can get some more idea

dispatcher means what your asking ? the process of reading work item and puting in to queue only called as dispatcher rit?

queue name: InHouse_Process4 (513.7 KB)

corrected one it wont open the application 2times

I’m using from my phone. Can you please share me the screenshot of uploading queues so that I’ll get some information


It was my mistake that i haven’t gone through your workflow properly…

Here is the issue… check your arguments for Process.XAML
in_TransactionNumber Argument is missing.

this will solve your problem…

Hi, I have checked your xaml file. There are a few errors. Pls correct them.
Your defined arguments are not mapped corrcetly.
You have written duplicate xaml codes in init state.
Selectors are not correct.

I would suggest you to please go through the Walkthrough document once again please.

in process transaction click activity is not working if i used normal data scarping method with out using click and on element appear its working fine. i attach the selector which i used so please help me to correct it.

Hi pathrudu
Can you please check my “Generate Yearly report Dispatcher .xaml” file ,it’s keep on opening “Achme Login” page again and again. (1.9 MB)

what error you are getting?

Hi pathrudu,
I am getting “Invoke SetTransactionStatus workflow Faulted”. Here is the attached Screenshot-

Thanks for a quick reply.

check this thread it may help you

Thanks Bro,
I will check that thread and let you know if i get any issues after that :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi parthrudu,

"Set Transaction Status xaml " is already in the finally section of the Try Catch Activity


it will be in final section only…

check list:

  1. Check orchestrator connection
  2. Check whether aurguments data types mismatching while invoking process.xaml and set transaction status?