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I am using UiPathTeam.GenerateRandomPassword.Activities [RPA Listings - Collections, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace] to generate random password. I want to generate the password string without special characters.

I see there is a field “Required special characters”. Even if I leave that field blank or I enter value “0”, I still get special characters in my result. Is there a way to generate the random string without special characters? Kindly let me know.

Hi Siddarth,

tl;dr try to input " " (string containing just a space) into the allowed special characters field. This should solve the problem.

I recently encountered the same problem as you.

I tried to put “” (string with nothing in it) into allowed special characters field to indicate that I did not want any, but this didn’t work. I then tried to input the word nothing into the allowed special characters field but this still didn’t work.

Finally, I was able to workaround the problem by inserting " " (string containing just a space) in the allowed special characters field.

I think that if you put nothing, null, etc. into the field, it treats it as “not provided” and allows every special character. Having a space makes the activity recognize that you have inputted something into the field.

I asked the creator this question and he said you can set the allow special character field to something like “a”.

You can put some non-special characters there instead, like “A”, and it should work. You can see the implementation here:
UiPathTeam.GenerateRandomPassword.Activities/GenerateRandomPassword.cs at master · sorincalin/UiPathTeam.GenerateRandomPassword.Activities · GitHub
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can we use this custom activity in production environment ? if yes what needs to be done for ?

GEN_Constraseña.xaml (28.1 KB)

Puedes adatarlo a tu necesidad