Generate Password with 8 unique characters


Is there a way to generate a password with 8 characters? and character should not repeat and must be unique.

Current password generator activity does not do unique characters.


Hi @criskitz,

I have seen a package in the gallery . Have you tried this ?


Hi @balupad14,
I have installed the package and it provides 8 characters of unique characters. But sometimes its generating same characters in the password.

Hi @pruthvisiddhartha

I think you can get more detail about this from @yuvaraja. He is the owner of the activity. You can give a message to him.


Thanks @balupad14

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tried it. it does not generate unique characters.

Would be really nice if this activity had the ability to generate a password based on inputs of length, upper case needed, symbol needed, etc. Please let me know if this does change in the future! But thanks for your input to the community with the activity so far!

Agree! something like