Generate PDF Report

Hey Everyone,

So when I want to schedule email reports they go out fine. But if I check off PDF Attachment then it says report was sent but nothing is ever received.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? If so, is there a resolution?

Thank you in advance.


Before sending the pdf file check whether the file exists first with PATH EXISTS activity and then try sending so that we can validate whether there is file or not

Cheers @rsaquicela


I mean when I do this through Insights on one of my reports I built out. I do not mean this is not working within a project through Studio.

Can you confirm you are able to download the dashboard or report your are trying to send through insights?

If not then first configure the PDF settings and download to see if that is getting generated.

Of what I see, that report doesn’t get generated as pdf hence it’s showing this behavior. Also, there should be some warning or flag on insights if an attachment selected is having some issues. May be that validation will come in future updates.


Before Send Mail please confirm /check file has Attached or not. because attachment take time to attached in email