Issue when sending dynamic attachments with SMTP activity

I am trying to email reports created via an automation process to the process owners, but I’m really struggling with this. So far I have used the “generic” template which is often passed around in here, using an invoke to add attachments to mail.attachments etc, changing only the “To” and gmail login info, and a manipulated version of this which matches my project.

The issue I have is that with this, and the version I manipulated to send my reports, is that instead of getting 1 email with the required reports attached, I am receiving an email which has another email attached, and in that second email are the reports/attachments. How do I get just 1 email which has the attachments as required?

Due to the current configuration of our bots/Orchestratory, I need to use the SMTP activity.

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Image to show how I receive an email within an email.

Still facing the same issue?

Yeah, no matter which version I use, my original, my latest and the template you sent, all give me the same result.

Could this be an issue with our SMTP servers, as you aren’t having this issue with the same code?


I am also facing same issue.Please let me know it it is solved

We have found a fix.

The “Forward” property should be left empty it seems, and the AttachmentsCollection property should be filled with your variable which lists the files to attach. I hope this helps!



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Hey this is nice. The question was about not using the Invoke method.
But i wonder the Attachments Collection was something i did not see earlier. Is it new? :roll_eyes:

I knew the fwd thing will not work for sure.

Awsme! :slight_smile:

It’s just so strange that my code worked for others (Clayton and yourself), and the code which floats around these forums (that you also linked to me) doesn’t work for me. Oh well, at least now I know!

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It works.Thank you very much.

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