Fuzzy Value on Select Item

Currently the Select item activity only select a exact match of the value, It would be good if you can give a % of fuzzynes inside the properties.


Hi @lucas.stern,
Have you checked the newest Studio version and Select Item activity?

Hmm, its not exactly that.
What you are showing me is the selector correct?
Im talking about the Select Item activity, that allows us to select a value inside a list, like this one:

Currently i can’t set a “Item to Select” value that is not exactly equals the value that is showed on the list. So i have a input that gives me the value to select, but this input cant give me a word with accent, like ‘Ã’.

In such situation you can keep desired item as string in variable and using click activity push the string to selector o it will click watch you need based on this string.

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Yep, I can, but could be easier :slight_smile:
Thats why im giving that as a improv request and not exactly a bug ahhaha

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Hi @lucas.stern, u can check this too

There is algorithm called Levenshtein Distance which gives the match between the strings based on percentage

There is activity for this in UiPath for this algorithm too

u can check this too

Hope it helps you

Nived N
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Thanks nived, I will check that post and the algorithm to use in future projects

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