FTP Files download

Hi ,
I have to download files from a folder in ftp.i used ftp scope and download files activity to download files. But using this activity all the files will be downloaded.i want to download only the files that were uploaded in last 12 hrs…Is there possible way of doing that?

HI @amruta_George

Check out this thread you may get some samples


i havent understood why they have used enumerable objects.to download we can just use download files right

It simply means that the property will show up if you iterate over the object using for…in loop or Object.keys

I think they used it just for demonstration purposes.
Basically, you can apply some operation/filter on the data table output you get from enumerable objects and pass it to for each activity for downloading filtered files

That is to get all the file path in the kind of list and after that looping into those files @amruta_George

inside loop you need add a condition something like this


And download those files only

Hope this Helps


i tried running this code. but since i have like bulk number of files it is taking a lot of time.Is there any option to check the files created in descending time order