Convert semicolon delimited text (;) to excel file from a CSV file

Hello guys, I have a CSV file that is actually a text file with the text delimited with semicolon and I want to convert it to an excel file.

Anyone have an idea how can I do that?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Have a Look on read CSV Activity
The resulting datatable can be written Afterwards to an Excel file

Hello @ppr , thanks for your response, but I already try this, and the output was the same because this text is on single column…

make sure that you have chosen delimiter as semicolon in read csv activity

it should work and was also working the past.
Was the delimeter properly configured?
Can you show us the details?

Hi @Ionut_Frincu,

You can use Generate Data Table from Text File activity to solve your issue.
Read the text file using Read Text File activity and pass that value as input to the Generate Data Table.

Use Column Separator as semicolon & NewLine Separator as newline
Pass in the text file as Input and the output will be a Datatable and pass that value to the Write CSV.

If you want the first row as Column Header, then Enable First Row as Column Headers


@90s_Developer unfortunately this is also not working properly have a look :frowning:


Can you share the sample text file which would be helpful to solve the issue.


Here is a sample with the first three rows:

Personnel No.;Empl./;User stat.;Status text;Time event type;Time type meaning;Time;Planned working time;CoreTime1;CoreTime2;Att./abs. type;A/A type text;Time;Last/First Name;End Date;End time;Normal working time;Superior GID;Superior Name
90123674;Simici Zlatibor;1;At work;P10;Clock-in;074500;05:00-24:00;;;;;;SIMICI ZLATIBOR;00000000;000000;08:30-16:30;90193090;Hamza Lucian-Dorin
90123707;Toth Zoltan-Petru;B;Absent acc. to norm. worktime;;;000000;05:00-24:00;;;;;;TOTH ZOLTAN PETRU;00000000;000000;08:30-16:30;90123801;Veres Ioan-Cristea

Have you tested to update your UiPath.System.Activities package? I have tested your sample with both Read CSV and Generate Data Table activities and they are working fine:

Hi @Ionut_Frincu ,

please find the below workflow in which the issue is solved.

Steps in the workflow,

  1. Read the text file through Read Text File Activity.
  2. Replace the empty space to without space
  3. Replace the “;” semicolon with “,” comma
    And Used write text file for the output result as Sample.csv (3.3 KB)

I hope your issue is solved, kindly mark as solution which would be useful to others for further reference.


After updating packages now it’s working, thank you:)

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