Forwardin email with Exchange mail activity and getting extra attachments in the email

Urgent issue…

Can somebody help me how to remove that extra attachments from Email.

I am using send exchange email activity to forward email.
I am not attaching anything , I am just forwarding mailmessage list from get emails activity.
I am getting original attachments and some extra attachments with that also, I don’t want them.

Note: Extra attachments are Images and pdf which is not able to load.


For now, can you try AttachmentCollecton.Clear method, as the following?

If it doesn’t work, we might need to create new mail from the original mail, as the following, for example.


@Yoichi Thanks but Invoke method is deleting all attachments from Email. I want to save email attachment only without extra images and also I want to forward email attachments.

Currently it is forwarding extra images + breaking out main pdf or other file into 2-3 parts.

Can you help me to increase email attachment size. I think the issue is on size. And also While saving attachment, It is breaking main file into 2-3 files.


The following will divide a mail into some mails with attachments. There might be some bugs, I haven’t test it yet. Hope this helps you.

Sequence.xaml (12.0 KB)

Could it be due to the forwarded message is HTML format?
I did not try it though.


No, Somehow Forwarding email attaching the file which is not able to open.