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Trying to create a place where Business Analyst can come and share experiences and ask for advice


Sounds like a great idea!


Hi know that there is a business analist training in the UIPath Academy:


Thanks for sharing. There is no shortage in training materials. The place to share the real life experience is missing :slight_smile:


I created a project on UiPath Connect in order to help the BA part of the community. If you have the time, please take a look and let me know if you find the idea helpful or not.


@bcarp do you have any idea how can we make this as a standalone category in the main forum page?

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I’m not sure but I think @ovi may be able to provide some guidance.

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I moved the topic to the ideas section. Who knows what’s possible if enough interest is shown :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for that!

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I believe this post summed up a very good idea to help transform where to go on the forums

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Hello Business Analysts.

I am encountering the following deficiency in the workplace.
We have a translation department that translate word documents through a certain translation software, however the output usually does not have the exact same format (Bold certain text, font size, number to be on the right instead of the left etc…) of the input, could automation help here? has anyone encountered such an issue? how can we solve spending time on this problem.

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Hi @Rasoul

Having some experience in the translation world (DTP part), I can say that it depends on the complexity of the file and how the source file was prepared, as well as the target language for the translation (some languages are longer, some require other fonts, etc).
It also depends on the source file type (Word/Indesign/etc).

With all that, I would say it is quite tricky to produce an output that precisely matches the source without the human intervention, although some simple rules could be followed by the translators and the software used to reduce the need for work afterwards.


We now have a new category, check it out! :slight_smile:


Hello guys,

Through our assessment some to the processes in the company, we are encountering processes that has a short cycle or handling time, however long lead time (waiting time), so how can we assess the benefit on reducing the lead time, should we plug it in addition to cycle time ?

Unfortunately the link is no longer valid :confused:. I was really curious to see how Andrei saw this implemented in real world.

Have you tried to use the automatic translation option already embedded in the latest Microsoft Word version?

to Business Analyst from Developer

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Trying to create a place where Business Analyst can come and share experiences and ask for advice


Hi !

can you guys share your experience regarding each work/job example which already categorized in automation quadrant ?

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