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:stop_sign:Note- I believe this post would be better suited in the “Ideas” section of the forum, but since I have not completed the advanced course for UIPath yet, I am not able to submit this idea. It does specifically deal with the Academy, so I believe the next best spot is here. I leave it up to the mods to make the decision.

I am new to this particular area but I have been in the RPA world for a while. I really enjoy the forum community here and the Academy. But since I have been going through my first class I saw an issue that should be addressed.

My favorite part of RPA is how to transform the minds and the abilities of the current day workforce. I am a project manager of a RPA groups where we do this sort of thing everyday. I was excited to join this community and start my long path down the road to complete all the classes in the Academy. I started the Business Analyst learning plan. It was a great class but I found something I feel that needs to be addressed.


In this class there is a link called “Engage the UiPath Community”

If you click on this part of the training you are greeted with the following three options.

The first link for “Career path for Business Analyst” goes to the following link where it is just a simple question posted back in August 2018 under the “News/UiPath” section of the forum. :confused:

The second link goes to “Business Analyst Corner” and promises to be a “place where Business Analysts come together to share experiences and ask for advice” If you click the link, this is what you are greeted with…

At the time of this post, there are 364 people who probably were excited and wanting to engage with other Business Analysts but were greeted with only a suggestion of an area… :open_mouth:

This is my suggestion. :wink: Create a new forum space called “Digital Transformation” where users can talk about the nuances around the RPA world when it comes to change management and implementing new processes. Here is a list of tags to start off with so that New Topics can be sorted.

  • Business Analyst
  • Implementation Manager
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • RPA Developer
  • Reengineering
  • Enviroment Creation
  • Six Sigma

The Academy is now offering classes for many roles that do not have a space to talk about the skills and philosophies that are outside the UiPath studio. Below is a picture of what is being offered by the Academy.

Below is the current forum sections as of Sept 2019.

Where are the people who are going to want to talk about their passions outside and surrounding UiPath studio going to congregate in this forum list?

I believe content like this needs to be discussed but it should have it’s own forum section instead of being lost in the Academy and Random section.

Take this post for example. I would have never been able to see what @Lahiro.Fernando created unless it was pinned to the top of the Academy. I wanted to hear stories about others first time implementing automation and the benefits that came with them, but only a few people were able to respond/read it because it keeps getting bumped down with all the questions on how to pass the foundation lesson in the UiPath studio.

I know it is a long post, but I believe this subject to be important. :brain:

:question:Feel free to ask any questions about this post or suggest a different way of creating a community around RPA roles and philosophies. :question:


100% agree, I loved going through the training until I hit those spots where I would spend a few minutes trying to find what I’m supposed to be looking at. With RPA evolving so quickly and a wider audience looking at these trainings we need to keep reevaluating if our training meets the needs of the end users. Great suggestion!


Absolutely, extremely well said electric.

It’s especially important to keep this in mind as companies are evaluating the RPA tools available and may not necessarily be the ones doing actual development work.

We all want to ensure UiPath continues to be the industry leader and this is a vital step in the right direction.

It would be fantastic to have an area where we can share templates (presentations to leadership, introducing RPA to your staff, custom solution design documents, etc) for all things related to RPA but aren’t necessarily related to development.


Hello @Electric_Sheep @chenderson @mdavis199143

This is an great post @Electric_Sheep. I believe all three of us share the same thought. Why I say that is, one of the main ideas I had behind my process standardization post is to show the value of such an area. Well I was planning to publicly inform that here if that post made a hit around the forum…

Since you took the lead on informing the value of having such sections, we already see that how people feel the need of it :smiley: … which is totally a great idea.

Additionally as @chenderson and @mdavis199143 mentioned, now a days there is a huge trend for RPA and different people have very much interesting stuff to share based on their roles of the industry. BAs architects developers and even infrastructure engineers, they play a major role in getting a successful RPA project done. Based on their expertise they will have so much interesting stuff to share, but there is no proper area to share it. What ever we share in either category we have will be there for a shorter period as there are so many posts coming in every second…

To share some of the points I just gathered from my recent RPA conferences, if we compare uipath with other RPA tools, there are so many great features which uipath offer and others do not come even close. So to continue to become a such a great product and to become the market leader, this is a point that is highly required as I think.

So to summarize, we should really have such sections to share our knowledge specially documents or slides that we create to educate people… :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I think this idea should be tagged into one of the latest posts our friend @Jan_Brian_Despi created.

Great initiative bro and I really hope our friends at UiPath will really consider it :grinning:


Well said @Lahiru.Fernando!

It’s really great seeing all the passionate members of our community coming together to help drive these initiatives forward.

If any of you three (or anyone reading this post) ever want to collaborate on a project, please feel free to reach out anytime!


@Electric_Sheep As someone new to RPA I would greatly enjoy this to aid me in learning UiPath


I appreciate the feedback and I agree with you whole heartily @Lahiru.Fernando :hugs:. While I am doing these role trainings I see that there is a need for people to have a place to talk about these subjects. I also want to give you my thanks for recommending the other topic for suggestions. I hope this idea gets some traction with the right people. Everyday that we do not have this forum section to put thoughts to paper, we are losing valuable information that could be helping a lot of people. :zipper_mouth_face:


I am taking the Implementation Manager training now and the slides below continues to show the importance of a Digital Transformation forum section. There is so much discussion we are missing when it comes to helping others transform their workplace with UiPath. :cry:

None of these roles really have a place to discuss important topics on implementing a new RPA team in an organization or how to choose great pilot processes. :zipper_mouth_face:

Only two of the four training plan stages have “developers”. :brain:

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@Electric_Sheep, new category just released!


Hi @Electric_Sheep,
Nice timing :slight_smile: We just released category to have the place for discussions about the topics you have mentioned. Thank you for pointing those links from Academy training. I will talk with the team to have there link to out new category.

To all in this topic:
We still evolves and sometimes something is not that visible at first look. But as you all may observed already Forum starts to change recently and we trying to align to new trends and being more focused on areas which are not strictly related to Studio, Orchestrator and Robots but whole RPA as a domain.
If you will find topics which in your opinion should be part of our new Process Discovery and Definition Best Practices category, please just link them in this topic, and I will move them :slight_smile: Thank you all in advance for help.


I really appreciate the feedback and look forward to discussing topics in this new category.