Formatting json body in uipath

Anyone has any idea of how I can format this into the body of uipath?
Its a json and its expecting this format on the server side

“dateOfIncident”: “2020-08-06T11:37:14.027Z”,
“placeOfIncident”: “Oslo”,
“cause”: “Steinsprut”,
“mileage”: 600,
“mileageUnit”: “km”,
“jobType”: “Repair/Windshield/SideWindow/RearWindow/PanoramicSunroof/Misc”,
“contactPerson”: “string”,
“contact”: {
“name”: “string”,
“phoneNumber”: “string”,
“address”: “string”,
“postalCode”: “string”,
“postalArea”: “string”,
“email”: “string”,
“organizationNumber”: “string”,
“externalReference”: “string”
“wear”: “Low/Medium/High”,
“tradeIn”: true

When writing/parsing that json object:

hm. the text above are the one i want into a https post request in uipath. So in the body i want the text. But it has to be that syntax on the endpoint

Try like below

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