URGENT: build a json as a uipath https body


I’m stcuk with this action, now it worked one time, but after that it has never worked again:

here is what needed as json script (multi-part) retrived in the docmentation (i had updated only numen, nature, and format with values)

  "date_expiration": "2022-07-16T12:41:28.400Z",
  "description": "string",
  "donneesLieesAuType": {
    "additionalProp1": {},
    "additionalProp2": {},
    "additionalProp3": {}
  "famille": "string",
  "format": "numerique",
  "libelle_document": "string",
  "nature": "conges_et_absences/conge_de_maladie_ordinaire",
  "numen": "00B0009140MCA",
  "reference_document": "string",
  "sensible": true,
  "type_documentaire": "DossierAgent"

“date_archivage_intermediaire”: “2022-07-16T12:41:28.400Z”,
“date_creation”: “2022-07-16T12:41:28.400Z”,
“date_effet_document”: “2022-07-16T12:41:28.400Z”,
“date_notification_acte_administratif”: “2022-07-16T12:41:28.400Z”,
“date_suppression”: “2022-07-16T12:41:28.400Z”,
“id_document”: “string”,
“numero_acte_origine”: “string”,
“portee_acte”: “string”,
“sort_final”: “string”,
“statut”: “string”,
“type_document”: “string”

Here is the body of the json i had used:

"{""metadonnees"": {""numen"" : """+in_numen.ToString+""",""nature"" : ""conges_et_absences/conge_de_maladie_ordinaire"",""format"" : ""numerique"",""description"": ""null"",""sensible"": ""null"",""famille"":""conges_et_absences"",""donneesLieesAuType"": ""{}"",""date_expiration"": ""null"",""reference_document"": ""null"",""libelle_document"": ""null"",""type_documentaire"": ""Arrete""},""info_doc"": {""date_creation"": ""null"", ""date_modification"": ""null""},""si_source"": {""statut"": ""null"", ""portee_acte"": ""null"", ""sort_final"": ""null"",""numero_acte_origine"": ""null"", ""date_creation"": ""null"", ""date_suppression"": ""null"",""date_archivage_intermediaire"": ""null"",""date_effet_document"": ""null"", ""date_notification_acte_administratif"": ""null"",""id_document"": ""null"", ""type_document"": ""null""}}"

in_numen is s variable.

the postman row body is :

it passe without problem

What error do you get?

Thé paramètres are not passed tonthe application, Bad request

Hello @abdel

Please check have you selected body type as json in the activity

i had checked that

Can you show a screenshot of how your activity is configured?

any help ?

Nothing stands out to me. I assume in_numen is a string variable? What is an example value of that? Also can you confirm the end point is definitely POST?

yes in_numen is a string variable.

is the json body syntax correct ?
“{”“metadonnees”“: {”“numen”“: “+in_numen+”,”" nature"“: ““conges_et_absences/conge_de_maladie_ordinaire””, ““format””: ““numerique””}”