Format multiline message for whatsapp web

I have been trying to format multi lin message for whatsapp web but it does not work, the \n is considered as a direct enter command so it sends the messages, I have tried different ways by non of them work.


If you can pass html then try with <br>


Try sending environment.NewLine

And manually if you are pressing some key combinations then try pssing them


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Hi @Ankush_Pandey,
the simple way to make this you can add all lines you need in text file that read this file and write the output of this file in your destination please try it if it can help and update us if you still have same issue.

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Hi, Guys I got the solution for this issue using [d(shift)] before the \n and [u(shift)] after the \n worked for me. It successfully added the next line.
But I really thank everyone who replied to my question.

Thanks and Regards
Ankush Pandey

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Sorry didn’t work.

Correction: [d(shift)] → [d(lshift)] or [d(rshift)]
[u(shift)] → [u(lshift)] or [u(rshift)]

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