Format date in excel not match file original?

File input (format dd/MM/yyyy) ExampleSpreadSheet1.xls (159.9 KB)

But after read range and write in output format date show MM/dd/yyyy
Output.xlsx (35.8 KB)


Please guide me for solve it.
edit.xaml (13.0 KB)

@fairymemay - how come some of the rows did not changed … for example : 31/05/2021.

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@prasath17 If date < 13 -----> format date will change as below.


Please guide me for solve it.

@fairymemay - So your goal is to autofit the sheet right? if yes, please let me know what version of the UiPath you are using and are you ok with using BalaReva activities??

Here you go:


My Output

is this the output you are looking for?

@fairymemay Please look into forum before posting any question, too many post related to date format.

Just one FYI, convert your date into a precise format rather then depending upon activities. Use try parse exact, it’s a way of validation, and conversion both.

This post will help you understand this : DateFormat

@prasath17 I​ use​ community​ version​ and​ I​ can​ use​ BalaReva​ Activity.

@fairymemay - I have provided Autofit solution above. . Did you get a chance to look at it ?

@prasath17 I use BalaReva​ autofit column Activity but output show below.


It show ####
But If I open excel (input file) —> copy data manual (ctrl+V) —>create new file and paste —> run follow your suggest ----> Data after run correct.

My .xaml as attached. edit.xaml (10.8 KB) output.xlsx (29.5 KB)

Please guide me more for solve it.