Form Builder Application Integration

I understand that UiPath does not have a multiple-field input facility (ie an input form), nor is there any in-built data validation for the single-field pop-ups, both highly desirable features, imho.

One solution might be to use a workflow to call a form built with a proprietary form-builder package that can pass validated field contents entered into the form back to UiPath in some way on pressing the form’s “submit” button (eg by writing a file identifying field names and content). An Excel form is an option, but it would be very “clunky”. Anyone using a form-building package to provide forms functionality?


you have many alternatives for this.

you could create one in visual basic / c# (using visual studio) or you could find one written in html (there a dozens free on the web) and save it as .hta (for an app-like feel). plenty of options out there…

MS Access or Infopath forms are also an option

I’m not a programmer, so coding a form is not an option. I don’t use Access. I haven’t heard of .hta (see first comment!). I have used InfoPath but consider it to be astonishingly awful. I’m aware there are many form-building options out there but was hoping someone with experience in this area could recommend one that requires a small learning curve (that rules out InfoPath) and hands back data in a non-programmatic way (eg as a CSV file).


@b4bbler, I’m not really a coder either, but I have had a little luck with AutoHotkey. There are several GUI generators available for AutoHotKey, they’re not too hard to learn, and file sizes are really small. I used the form that’s shown in the animation below, just as a test, to enter an item in the form and search for it on Amazon. When the UiPath robot completes, it can transfer control back to AutoHotkey. AutoHotkey also has a number of useful CSV tools available, and supports COM objects.

Here’s the animation (the UiStudio code is still too rough to paste, but when I get it a little more polished I’ll post it):