FORM activity

I tried to see how the form activity works. I have one query regarding Form activity - After submitting the form , form is disappeared but if I have requirement like instead of disappear, form remain in the screen. Is there any property through which we can achieve this?

What do you mean by form here @nyadav30? Is it a HTML form?

The new Form activity under prerelease package “UiPath.Form.activity”.

Generally speaking, forms are used when a user inputs one-time data and doesn’t necessarily need to see it again. May I ask why you wish for the form to remain open? There may be a better solution than keeping the form around.

User needs to search some values in some of the applications basis of some input and taking some decisions and again repeat the same one after another like customer service to reduce the response/waiting time of their customer.

Can`t he run the robot again? give a shortcut keyboard to it, so whenever he needs to fill the form, he activates the robot

Thanks for your response. No, we are looking for asolution where user needs to provide the results to customer over the call so this is not a good way to restart the bot, we are looking to search the values from application on the basis of input in FORM fields one after another without running the bot again and again after one search.

You can use User Events to define triggers to wait for something so he search info or not.

Yes, we can use but my objective is to enter input in FORM and fetch the information from the applications and show the same in FORM but form is disappeared after submission(I need to reopen the form to show the results) and provide the same to customer over call and again repeat the same. Follow this process repeatedly where user enter the information in form but what I feel ,Form is disappear after submission not remain in screen like Web form (.net application Form)until stop the tool.


Have you got the solution?