For Studio, the variable declared two lines above doesn't exist

It’s impossible to work with such a buggy IDE. Look at the attached picture:

I’m simply doing a For Each loop; then the current iteration item has a name; then I want to process it, using a certain activity. AGAIN, and FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, Studio is complaining about the Item, variable name or whatever not being declared. This is madness. Are you gonna tell me again to close Studio, recreate it in a new project to see if it still happens, and blah? Everytime I want to use a new variable? Come on, guys; this is not usable.

Alright, I decided to delete the previous conversation and start fresh here. Please stay friendly.

On the topic:

  • to start - with each new Studio version, we focus heavily on fixing those types of annoying experiences; any feedback that tells us that the experience can be better is welcomed
  • to clarify - For Each is “smart” and tries to allow one to iterate over different objects whenever it can; it iterates mostly over collections, but there are some situations where it can do more:
    • starting with System 23.10, it will iterate over a string as individual chars instead of complaining that it can’t do that
    • it can also iterate over each element of a dictionary

Given the above issue - I would be interested to learn the steps to reproduce this. I assume it must be something to do with the Variables panel “competing” with the Data Manager panel. The latter is a newer version of the former, but they could be potentially running into conflict in some specific scenarios. It might also have something to do with the custom names given to the iterators.

Thank you for clarifying, @loginerror ,

As I explained before, my problem is solved now. I just retried the same a few times, deleting the activiti(e)s involved, insisting, closing Studio an reopening again, and the like, as usual.

Is not the first neither the last time this happens to me. It happens very often. I’ve opened more than one bug report in the forum regarding this.