Name of the variable in a For Each

Anyone knows how to find the name of the variable that will loop over values {0, 8, 16, …, 64} in my example?

It says all properties are visible within the activity card, but i don’t find it.
The only way I found the name of the variable was using the debugger.
Which is a bit of a weird way to find out what the name of the variable is.

I hope my question isn’t too stupid but I genuinely couldn’t find an answer. In the documentation ( they have “item” in “list of item” which makes sense but I don’t have it surpisingly

I should add there is nothing corresponding to the variables created by the for each in the “variables” tab.


Can you try to upgrade UiPath.System.Activites package to 22.4.5, 22.10.5 or higher?


thanks for the response, I did but now I have those errors:


For now can you try to use the latest stable version : 22.10.5?
And can you share version of your Studio?


Erratum: I had installed the versions 23.x.x for which the activities KillProcess and ForEach do not exist anymore. It worked when I downgraded to 22.10.4 and I now have ForEach Variable in Iterable which is exactly what I wanted.

I don’t understand though, when I’ll upgrade to versions 23.x.x, there will not be any ForEach activities anymore?

I could not find the 22.10.5 version though. However, 22.10.4 works perfectly.

I’m using this version:


Sorry, it’s my misunderstanding. 22.10.4 is the latest stable of System.Activities package.
Basically it’s good to use bundled version of activities packages. However as they are preview version, it might be necessary to up/downgrade to stable version.


What do you mean by bundled, not the previews?


Studio-23.2.0 includes UiPath.Sysytem.Activities package 23.2.0-preview in it.
If you try to use 23.4.0-preview, it’s necessary to download it from repository on the internet and sometimes it fails for some reason like the above image.
But in this case, it’s better to use stable version.


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