For everyone who is having trouble with Assignment 1 on UiPath Academy

The evaluation period can take few days, this might help you

It generally takes few minutes for evaluation whether passed/failed, there may be some glitches in your case, please log off the academy clear your cache and retry, I am sure this will help you

Since a lot of people are complaining and are eager to continue with their learning I am going to post the next Assignment that you are going to encounter on your Ui Path Academy jurney

Note 1: I am not affiliated with Ui Path so hopefully this is okay with them and I don’t get baned or something
Note 2: I am not posting the solution (you are going to try it your self, I am posting just the two PDF that are on the website

First file : GenerateYearlyReportProcessDesign.pdf (1.2 MB) Second file: Generate_Yearly_Report_Walkthrough_Short.pdf (977.7 KB)

Enjoy your learning and good luck!

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