For eg if we have 2 types if data in 2 strings,if we get data 1 in string we have to process some steps and if we get data 2 we want to do another set of steps,what conditions can we use?

Can anyone please help?

You can use:
If Condition to check what type of data you have received.
Flowchart with flow decisions.


You can have a IF condition and check the String if it matches then you can proceed or else have one more IF Condition and check for second string and proceed.


Tried with if condition.but not getting.can you share any example

@SUPRIYA123 Try using switch case with below exp. Attached ref workflow

If(InputString.Equals("Data1"),"Data1", If(InputString.Equals("Data2"),"Data2", "Default")) (2.6 KB)