For each types

What are the different types of For Each Activity ?

Different type ?

Can you ellaborate pls ?

  1. For each Row
  2. For each (Object, String) etc

Yes, you got it right,
we have For each, for each row, parallel for each, etc.

I wanted to know if more of these are there?

These are the only ones currently supported, and For Each and Parallel For Each can be used to suit any needs for dealing with iterables.

It depends on our requirement. For each and parallel for each available as of now

A For Each activity will act on a collection of elements or objects.

That collection can be an array of strings {“John”, “Mike”, “Lewis”, “Mary”}

Or it could be a list of objects (System.DataRow, System.DataRow, System.DataRow)

The key point to note is that you tell the For Each activity what datatype in contained in your collection.