For each - Try catch

Hi Experts,
I need some help on using For each activity with try-catch block. I am using SAP application Billing output transaction (VF03). I have a data table with multiple entries in that. I have to process all the entries in that table irrespective of status of each iteration. I am using below method:
For each entry
Try Catch
Process Try Billing output, if success, OK, else goes to exception.
When i execute my process, it is throwing exception in the first one correctly and however before processing the next item, it is opening the SAP System status window. And this is blocking my next iteration. I am not understanding how the System status window is opening. I don’t have any logic/activity to open SAP–> System–> Status window.
I am using System.Exception for the exception. Can someone help me where i am doing wrong and how to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance.

Please use restart SAP when System exception occurs. This would help you to resolve your problem