Try Catch Exception handling

Hi Automaters,

I’m currently building an automation in SAP Fiori.
A Excel list is taking as an input to create data sets in SAP Fiori.
Since I’m not able to use REFramework but want to have error handling, when e.g. data sets are already created or Selectors cannot be found etc.

In the try block the transaction (one excel row) is being processed

I have 1 system.exception
and 1 SelectorNotFoundException set up
but this error still occurs instead of catching and continue with finally:

Im very grateful for any hints!

Hello, what are you doing in your catch ?

Hi @johnny.d.dang ,

You’re getting these because you’re probably running the process in Debug mode.

Simply Run the process and this will not happen.

@johnny.d.dang show us your catch section?

Please share what are you doing in the Catch block.

@jivankumar.kedar @sangeethaneelavannan1 @Yamatendo
This is the system.exception block

This the SelectorNotFoundEXP

@johnny.d.dang Give the breakpoint in try and catch and execute in slow step to debug the issue

I Set a breakpoint in my try block.

Is it true that the try catch activity can’t be used when invoking workflow files? Do I need to use a try catch activity in every single workflow file?

@johnny.d.dang you could use try catch for in voke workflow file