For Each string in a list



I am trying to simulate a process that is repeated for several tables in SAP. I need to do the process for 20 table names that are inputed in order to retrieve their record counts. How do I look my sequences to go through the list of tables?

Table is my variable that is currently a string. But I want to create an array of strings instead



You can make the array of strings by creating a variable and choosing the “Array of [T]” option, selecting String in the dialog that comes up. Give it a value by assigning or typing as the Default value something that looks like {"TableA", "TableB", "TableC"}. Then put your above sequence in a For Each activity, like For each table in myStringArray, set the For Each TypeArgument to “String[]” and use this “tableName” argument in the Type Into activity. You should also delete the variable named Table or give the loop variable a different name.