For each row with certain characters

Hi all,

Can I ask whether is it possible if I use a for each row activity for rows that only contain a certain word/character? If so, how can I do it?


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You can use for each row activity if you are looping through a datatable.

I didn’t understand what “rows hat contain a certain word/character” means. But even though there will be only few words/characters, those will be inside a column. You can access those values though column name/index as

row.Item(0) or row.Item(“Column_Name”)

Hope this helps. if not, please elaborate the issue you are facing.

Otherwise, if you are talking about array of characters then you can use, Control Flow For Each activity.

Hi @jasperlzx,

Use an IF activity inside for each loop to filter rows with value matching your criteria.

In a simpler way, you can use“[column Name] Like ‘%filtervalue%’”) to filter rows matching your criteria into a datarow.