For each row increment by more than 1

I have an excel where the 1st two columns consist of merged cells. As I understand, you have to refer to the merged cell by its parent cell ID. I want to use for each row activity for the merged cells. Is there a way to advance the for each row index by 4?
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Hi @ssybhedas, Welcome to Community.

You can achieve this in multiple ways. I would suggest one here.

Have a if condition inside the loop to check null or whitespace and if it is so, just ignore those rows.

Do you mean check for empty rows below the cells? Sorry I don’t have any programming knowledge. Can you give an example?

you can create a sequnce of indexes and iterate over this with a for each (not for each row)

have a look here:

a datatable with a small row set (6 Rows)
with Enumerable.Range(1,dtData.Rows.Count).Where(Function (x) x Mod 4 = 0).toList
we do retrieve all 4x indexes

How to implement this? I’m a citizen developer I don’t have any programming knowledge.

But you are working with Studio refering to the topic tags, right?

Yes I’m working with Studio. I But I don’t have any programming knowledge. i’m basically creating a PoC.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


create a variable:

use an assign and init the variable e.g. with 18

For each:

Just implement in a single XAML and let it run. So will get all the basics that you need

What does the yellow highlighted expression do? I need to increment the count by 4.

it is creating a sequence for all indexes you do need 4,8,12…

creating a sequence with all indexes from 1 to length 27

creating a sequence as above and filter on all indexes that are a multiple of 4

Ok thanks…I’ll try it.