For Each Row in Data Table fail. Why?

I copy my teacher education video and the program doesn’t work. Why? I attached a photo. I checked several times and wrote the same write. This is a simple query data program that saves the data in an Output excel. The first cycle runs and this error message is written in the second cycle. It does not create the Output excel either.


the issue you are facing is with selector the type into activity unable to find the element

can you check whether the application you are using is opened in background while running this activity

Hey @Norbi_V , it is not For each row in datatable error
The error is in that Type Into Activity
Kindly try indicating the field again and also make it dynamic

Hope it helps you !

How can I do it?
Sorry, I’m a beginner.

How can I do it?
Sorry, I’m a beginner

Hi @Norbi_V

Since the error is occurring while typing the data in the ‘Deviza’ named textbox/component, please click the 3 lines available on the activity & click on the ‘Indicate target on screen (I)’ option. This will help you indicate the element you want to type into. You can further stabilize the selector by making suitable modifications.


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If there is only 1 data in the Input table, the program runs well and creates an Output excel correctly. The error starts when you have to select the second currency. So I think the error is not in the place of the click, but in the for loop.


can you check the input values in the datatable

if you are having two values in the datatable then you need to make the type into activity dynamic

so that it will works for all the values in the datatable


Hey , If it works for first transaction and doesnt work for second transaction then it probably selector issue,
While indicating the field for type into ,
Click on ignore text option which appears on the right side of your screen while indicating

Also it would be great if you send us the selector screenshot or text so that we can modify and make it dynamic


Where can I set the type info to dynamic?


Just compare the selector which ever part is dynamic like attirbutes aaname make it dynamic by replacing it value by *