For Each Row Doesn't work more than once - Help

Hello, I’m new to this awesome world of RPA and I might need some help!

I’m trying to download .xml files from links in a excel datatable.
Did the Read Range thing, and the For Each Row command, but it doesn’t work as I wanted it to.

I need to paste every row value into the browser and press enter, or something like Navigate To, but my problem is that it only works for the first value of the Column.

Can u guys help with me with that?

Plus, When I’m done downloading those .xml files, I want it to get every file and move it to another folder then Refresh the Excel Table so I can get the information of those downloaded files using the Power Query.

I did the move file part, but I can’t refresh the table before it tries to close, resulting in an error cause it does not have enough time to refresh.

Download XML.xaml (12.8 KB)

When you say first value of the column, what do you mean? Can you give sample datatable?

Looks to me like in Read Range activity you only have “H1” in the range field, so when it does For Each Row it only looks at this 1 row/col. Try using the full range of the file / leave it empty to capture all.


I have a bunch of links in the H column of my excel sheet, I need it to Navigate To those links so I can download the xml files. The problem is that if I try to set text and then press enter for the each row activity, it doesn’t work properly, it only press enter for the first link, then it pastes the other rows text in the browser and nothing else.
Or if I try to use the Navigate To command, it only works for the first link aswell.

I can’t paste here the excel sheet, but It’s simple, one of the columns has links for the pdf file and one for the xml file.

Thank you for the help, but it doesn’t work. When I set my Range as “H1” it reads my excel sheet after that cell, so basically my entire H column.

So you navigate to the link okay, it is what you are typing into the webpage that you are having the issue with? Can you give a sample of the webpage(redact what you want)?