For Each function

Hello, I’m looking for a particular For Each function. I am looking for the For Each function that looks like this:

But instead, my function looks like:

What can I do to get the first version of this function? Has it been updated to a new name? Thanks

Hi @jmbrownr
Can you explain what challenge you are facing and why you want to get back?

Hi @jmbrownr

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There is no for each function like you mentioned in first pic,you can rename the activity name as whatever you wanted


Which version of Studio and UiPath.System.Activities package?

Can you try either of the following?

  • Update UiPath.System.Activities package to 22.4.5 or 22.10.3 if you use Studio 22.10.3.

  • Use Windows legacy project if you use Windows project.

  • Use same version of UiPath.System.Activities package as Studio.
    For example If you use Studio 21.10.7, use System.Activities package 21.10.x


Changing the update to 22.4.5 worked. Thank you!

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