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Hi, here I was unable to automate the files in for each . Could someone help me out with this.below is the image reference.


can you explain what was the issue you are facing

for me its working fine

Here , I was looping each and every file in that folder and trying to extract some text from each pdf file. But when I run the bot, it is not entering the for each. I find that by debugging it.

Still, you’re facing an issue with the above one.
Find this Activity



Prasanth Kumar Manivannan



means there are no files in that folder

Thats why its not going into the for each

or use assign activity and pass the expression


arr_files is the variable of type array of string

Still same not able to loop the files.

Can you click on the for loop radio button of “List of items” and share the ss?

Now it’s working with the for each file in folder activity . But getting this syntax error in start process.


refer this


if you still face issue by the above method

try to delete the activity and try with new activity

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Thanks bro ,it’s working now.

but when extracting the text from pdf , it’s throwing the error as returned empty text.


if you want to extract the data from the pdf use

read pdf text activity

and use regex/String manipulations to extract the text which you want

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