For each activity clarity regarding

Hi guys,

Can anyone please tell me the difference between ‘fileName’ and ‘item’

I mean when I use ‘directory.getfiles’ method
Is it item or fileName,which one should I use in 'for each’activity.

And also what does now.Tostring(yyyy_mm__dd) mean?


Use ForEach and give condition in right side text box directory.GetFiles(PathoftheFolder)

This means a folder can contain many files, so you need to loop into for that you are storing the value into a item, It is by default of every For Each

You can change if you want like file or any thing

that item is accessible with in the For Each only

For Now.ToString, Check below

Now is nothing but current date and time which will pick from PC current date time and converted to string to maintain the required format

Follow Link


Hi sreenu,

Thanks for the answer.i really understood ‘for each’ now

Can I keep 2… Tostring(now.DateTime) instead of
Will I get the same answer?
Because 1 is confusing me as it is first converted to string and then ‘now’ is attached.


Great!! you understood for each

for the second one Now is a property of DateTime

you can keep as DateTime.Now.ToString or Now.ToString both will result same

You can check in UiPath, Place a Message Box and give like above any one and see the results

it will give Date and Time in full

But if you want to change the format of the outcome then we use (yyyy_mm_dd) or (dd_mm_yyyy) also

as your wish how to appear the date format or date time format have to

For more info check my post on conversion of format Convert Date & Time Format Tutorial

Hope this helps you


Thanks we need to know c# or .net to become uipath it must? Or
Is it ok not knowing them.


For this we need to know atleast basic knowledge of VB.Net or C#

because UiPath runs under .Net platform VB.Net

It is a low code platform, so you can’t expect everything is ready with activities

for your scenarios you may need to write a code snippets which require basic knowledge of C# or Vb.Net

Hope you understood this

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K sreenu.
How to mark this as solution,is clicking on this
Tick mark is marking as solution?

Thanks for giving reply with patience,srinu
R u a developer srinu?,if so, do we need to know RE Framework as frequently do we use RE Framework in development?

If Ur busy u can give reply in Ur free time.


Using of Re-Framework is varies project to project, if you have a project with queues and some other business exceptions to handle then we use Re-Framework

For any enterprise automation it is suggested to use Re-Framework


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