For each- To move latest file to specific folder

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Getting the following error while using For each activity to move a file Source folder to the Destination folder.

For Each: Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Char’ to type ‘System.String’.

Changed Type Argument as String in For Each

Hi @Pavan_kumar15,

May i know what was value inside the Folder_dir Variable. Can you please more elaborate

[Note: To Search Something inside from folder - Directory.GetFile(“Folder_Path”,*)

  • (Wildcard) - Indicate Name & Format]

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Jayavignesh G

Hi @Jayavignesh_G ,

Directory.GetFiles(Folderpath,“*.png”).OrderByDescending(Function (f) New FileInfo (f).LastWriteTime)(1)

Hi @Pavan_kumar15,

If you want to search file from respective folder using desc then try use the below


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Thanks @Jayavignesh_G.

It’s working!

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