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I have a two folder in particular file.i.e 202004(yyyyMM) and zip folder…How i can able to get file only the date format(any date format not current) and need to ignore zip folder.

Hi @Vijay_kannan_Mani , your files despite their names must be having some extension like (.xlsx or .docx or .pdf etc.).
You need to use directory.getfiles to find all files in a folder and then read them in a loop, assign a condition inside the loop that whenever the filename contains .zip , you skip that file and move to the next file in the loop.

Thank you ShetanShudhar…Works fine.@ shetanshudhar

Hi @Vijay_kannan_Mani

You can try this way too.

You can filter the filepath list which in result does not contains zip file.

file_list=Directory.GetFiles(“folder”).Where(Function(File) Path.GetExtension(File)<>“zip”).ToArray

Then u can loop through all file_list using for each loop.

Hope it helps you


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