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Data Table

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This FirstAid tutorial describes how to handle the
EXCPTION: "The source contains no data rows"
FirstAid DataTable, Exception,
This FirstAid Tutorial describes how to analyze and handle DateTime parsing issues FirstAid DataTable, DateTime, Parsing, Invalid Date, Analysis


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This FirstAid tutorial describes how to force the automatically calculated typeargument of a for each activity to a specific typeargument FirstAid For Each, DataType, TypeArgument


Summary Link Keywords
Microsoft 356 Scope / O365 related activities used below may throw a generalException. FirstAid O365, Classic, Microsoft 365 Scope

Legacy To Windows Migration

Summary Link Keywords
Overview of the replacement of missing activities for working with dictionaries FirstAid Migration, Microsoft.Activities.Extensions, Dictionary

About the FirstAid Series

The first aid series offers various instructions on how to tackle a difficulty with the first steps


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