Firefox addon error: "This add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt"

I am struggling with the firefox installation.
Getting error for add-on as,

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Hi @rinki

Could you share your Studio version?

Is it possible that you have some protection software that would control access to files on your machine?

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Hi @loginerror ,

I am using Studio version 2018.4.0
There could be a firewall reason behind it , however I am not really sure about this.

My first instinct would be to try to reinstall Studio and update it to the latest patch of 2018.4.4
(and make sure to install the add-on directly from the installer).
This is only in case reinstalling it from Studio doesn’t work.

However, if that is difficult to do due to some restrictions, I would definitely contact our technical support for more advise.

Just got the same message with firefox, all my extensions were disabled

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I believe this issue is not related to UiPath, it’s a bug at Firefox level.
“This is being caused by an expired intermediary certificate used to sign Mozilla addons.”

Firefox already sent out a fix for this

More links about the issue:


Thanks for the speedy update


Hi all,

I’m facing the same problem, @miket5,@rinki did you find the solution?
I’m using the same UiPath version 2018.4.3 and Firefox 66.0.3-64bit in two different machines(windows 2012R2). Firefox extention works in the first machine but doesn’t work on the second one with error “This add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt”.
Tried reinstalling Studio again without success.

As mentioned above, it was a bug in Firefox, which was fixed by the following day.


Thank you for your kindness :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: