Finding the last time the robot was run

Hello, everyone!!
I am working on this project where my program will run on a regular basis, now in my program, I have to extract all outlook message that has been received between the last time the program was run until now (the time it is running).
Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated thanks a lot

@zfaddi You can find the robot last execution in the below log path or through the orchestrator if you have access.

C:\Users[USERNAM]\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs - Open the previous or latest log execution file and find the details.

Check and let me know if you need more details. :grinning:


but how do you use uipath to extract that info and save into a variable to be used in the program

@zfaddi When you run the program for first time store the current time in one excel so when you run the program for next time than you can get last run time by using excel sheet