How to View Previous Runtimes

Hi! I did a run with a quite a long workflow, I was supposed to get the runtime of the whole execution but I forgot to write it down and went with on with running my other processes. Is there a log where I can see the runtime? I tried reading the log in my Local (AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs) and read the latest one but I really can’t undestand where the execution time is. I hope you can help me thank you.

Hi @Archie ,

in logs folder - “2021-02-01_Studio” the date which BOT ran
Once you opened the log file you can see the timing like below
14:16:00.5465 => [WARN] [UiPath.Studio.exe] [1] Warn: Retrieving RegistrationState.



Can you check yyyy-MM-dd_Execution.log as the following?


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Usually with execution logs we can find the execution timings in three ways along each line which means for each activity

The keys to identify execution time is

1. Timestamp
2. totalExecutionTimeInSeconds
3. totalExexutionTime

These three key and it’s value will give you required details from Execution logs

Cheers @Archie

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Sorry for the very late reply. This worked on Mine.

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