Finding Number of Times a Certain Text Appears on a Webpage


Is there a way to find a find how many times a certain phrase appears on a webpage? For example finding the number of times the text "My name is " appears on a webpage.

Hi @Sahil_J_Patel
what i am suggesting is

  1. Save the webpage as .html file

  2. Read the file using Read Text file activity

  3. Then using string manipulations or regex check how many times a word appear in the web pages

a good example of finding the number of words is using below method


here input_string is the string variable which is get from reading the html file and the word is the string variable which stores the data which we need to search for

Hope it helps you

Nived N
Happy Automation

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Use Screen Scraping—> Full Text on full web page—> check on Ignore Hidden, then try the regex suggested by Nived above, Maybe that works,