How to find Keyword from a website?

Hi ,

how i can find a particular word or sentence exist on a website.
I know its very simple but i am not getting proper result. :slight_smile:


Hi @md.ahtesham,

You can use regex which will help you to find the word or sentence in a webpage or you can use wildcards in selector to do that.


Suppose on this website if i have to search for a “Amazon” , Even this is not giving me result.


@md.ahtesham - The use regex it will give the result under one scope.

Fine i hope you have that particular word stored in a string variable named in_text
–we can use FIND TEXT POSITION activity where pass the input as in_text, the above obtained variable and the output we get is a UiElement type named out_element
–we can use this uielement output variable out_element, as a input to Element property in Click activity or a type into activity
For more info on this activity kindly have a view on this

or if you are not able to access the word as individual element and if it is a image we can use Find Image activity

Cheers @md.ahtesham