Finding image in PDF and highlighting them

Could someone please guide me on how to find specific notation in a given set of images that is print in PDF format. Once this image is found, it is supposed to locate these throughout the PDF and based on defined colors, draw boxes to highlight these specific notation(s) throughout the PDF file.

Hi @SidTheLearner
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Would you mind sending a sample of 2-3 pdf images so we understand what you are looking for ?

I am not able to attach anything. Is there a workaround ? I am a new user. Hence the restriction i guess.

Ah yes I forgot about that restriction; then what about sending me a private message with the attachments so I can share it in this topic ?

I would if I could … I do not see any option to PM you on your profile. Could you please drop me a message if you are able to? :sweat_smile: