Finding all callers of a workflow in a project

It would be nice if we had a right-click option on a workflow which could highlight all other workflows / open the .xaml files from where this workflow is being called.


Hello there,
Feature is already implemented called "The Universal Search ".

Thanks ddpadil. I looked at the link but didn’t see anything that helps show the parents (or callers) of a specific workflow. I am probably missing something.

I don’t think you are missing anything.
Universal Search is a text-based one. Finding callers is a different beast.

There were some talks in the past about invoke trees, but since the path to invoke can be obfuscated (combination of variables, arguments, assets etc.) it’s not that easy, since the project is not fully compiled as a whole.
It’s like building a caller tree for reflection-based app. Not easy in the slightest.

But it would definitely be useful.