Findchild to Excel

Can any one help me , how to enter the values from findchild to excel.

I am having a web site
From this website i did the data scraping . and i am able to get all the distributor names above the table(there is only one value). I have marked it in square box in the below screenshot

Now you can see there are tables. I have extracted these tables using the - Find child activity.

But how to put all the values from the Find child activity in to the Excel file?

Can one please help me with this.

Thank you


as you said that you did data scraping, so data scraping generates a datatable and you can write a datatable to excel by taking write rang activity.


@SeemaAA If you are getting data through findchildren activity

Follow these steps :
-1. Use FindChildren Activity [ output as UiElement]
0. Add Build DataTable

  1. Take ForEach Loop and pass the UiElement.
  2. Inside body add Add Data Row {Pass the data into row}
  3. By using write range print the data into excel.
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hi @SeemaAA if you really want to use the findchild activity, simply use a foreach loop for the childs and get the value and write back to excel .


yes i have done it only for the scraped data, i.e for the fields i have highlighted in square box in screen shot.

But when it comes to table i want to extract all the tables and put it to the excel. Which dint happen , so i have taken the - find child activity.

I followed the steps you have mentioned.
But still not able to put it to the Excel.
Please find the below screenshots of the work i did.



@SeemaAA Before add data row use “Get Attribute” and get the value as output

then pass that output variable into add data row.

And i am not getting why you have used the extract data table inside ForEach.

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Hi @Rashmi

add - Getattribute. Took the output to the result - its a string variable.

I am attaching here the .xaml.

Can you please help me where is it going wrong. Please

Main.xaml (28.1 KB)

now the result- which is the output from getattribute i am passing it to the Add data row

I really dont understand why its not working…
Can you please help me.


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