Find the file in folder


we need to search aaa file name in folder2 and get particular file name.Here,folder1 file name split to aaa and search this name in folder2 and get aaa123.txt file name in folder2.

Hi @Elancheran_E
=> Use For Each File in Folder activity and give the Folder2 path.
=> Use an If activity and give below condition:


=> If the condition satifisfies you can print the particular file name in message box by giving CurrentFile.ToString

Hope it helps!!


How about the following? This create each group for files in Folder2 based on files in Folder1 (3.9 KB)


Here,i need to compare folder1 file names to folder2 file names.Both folder have many files.

Compare folder1 file names without extension are exists in folder2 file names.If files exists in folder2,we need to get full file names and stop the loop.Also,folder1 file name need to check folder2 all file names. (2.6 KB)
try this…