Find Files in a Folder Using A Wildcard For FileName

Hi all hoping to get some help on this,

I need to loop an Excel File to get a file name to search for files. In the excel the name is as follows:

example.example.example - They don’t have an specific extension

Then, I need to go to a folder to find how many files contain that name. My problem is that in the folder all the files are saved as"


I would like to get the file count with the name obtained from Excel in the folder. Is there a way to add a variable in the Path Exists Activity or maybe in Directory.GetFiles to check first if the filename exists in the folder and then get the count of files with that same name excluding the date.timestamp at the end of the file name?


Use for loop and give input as Directory.GetFiles(FolderPath)
Then use a if condition and check the file name consists of example.example.example, if it contains then add that file name to a collection.
After for loop, use collectionvariable.count.tostring to get the list of specific file names.