Find the duplicates in array


How do find the duplicates in an array of one-dimensional array like for example {apple, mango, Banana, apple}
now I want output will be like apple and count as well like how many times apple is repeated…

Thanks, advance

Hi @tejaswi_nerella
Check this link

Nived N
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@NIVED_NAMBIAR i don’t any idea how to use LINQ

Hi @tejaswi_nerella
U can u an assign activity for this
with left side in To section of assign activity as
dict and right side Value section as (From item In intArray
Group item By value= item Into GroupResult=Group
Select GroupResult).ToDictionary(Function(x) CInt(x(0)), Function(y) CInt(y.Count))

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Thank you i will try

Do you have any reference workflow for this…

Hi @tejaswi_nerella

You can check these as well,


its return null value please share workflow i appreciate